Production makes a basis of your commerce or production of China?

Are aimed to lower expenses and to increase profitability of business?

You want to acquire qualitative goods at the real prices and in the shortest periods?

Look for new profitable business?

The R005 CARGO company offers delivery from China of goods for any productions and people to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan:

  • Consumer goods;
  • Raw materials and accessories;
  • Technology

You looked after to yourselves fashionable clothes or set? We will help you to dress up ourselves and your dwelling stylishly and without overpayments. Even the precious Chinese service will easily transfer traveling to any distance.

Your appetites are beyond personal needs, and goods for business are necessary to you? Let's advise where to find, we will pack, we will save and we will deliver your load to the specified address.

In 5 years of export of loads from China, we fully mastered the international logistics and worked out optimum diagrams of document flow and client attending.

Everything that is necessary for you for operational and effective work, we carefully thought over and organized:

  1. The central office and warehouse of 1000 sq.m in Guangzhou - for operation with the Chinese suppliers directly and consolidations of your loads;
  2. Branch – in Moscow – for bigger accessibility and consultation on cooperation questions;
  3. Insurance of loads – for transportation safety.
  4. Transportations by all types of cargo transport: sea, railway, an avia - and a car - transport – for optimization of a route and delivery time.
  5. Economically and legally reasonable diagrams of merchandising and operation with customs – for lowering of logistic expenditures and risks.
  6. The minimum batches of the order from 1 kg
  7. Urgent deliveries of 2 days;

In face of the company of "R005 Cargo" you receive not only transport and logistic services, but also the reliable and skilled partner ready:

  • to meet and help with placement with the Chinese hotels at the favorable prices;
  • to find the vendors who are optimum suitable under technical characteristics, quality and volume of your order;
  • to organize preliminary check of suppliers;
  • to make repeated monitoring of execution of your order at the Chinese factories;
  • to provide free storage of your load in a warehouse on condition of dalsheyshy отправики a load through our company;
  • to make goods repacking in case of violation of integrity of tare of the vendor;
  • to provide a translation service;
  • to acquire to you air tickets practically at the carrier prices;
  • to give advice at the choice of production and to its completion.

If you are going to shop for TAOBAO or ALIBABA, communicate with our manager, and use FREE OF CHARGE the help with a choice and storage of your goods in our warehouse. Thus you pay only delivery.

Why the R005 CARGO company can be trusted?

About it it is better to ask our clients and to look at digits which speak for itself:

68% of our customers, are the regular customers who have signed with us more than 3 contracts;

More than 23 branches of the Chinese economy and

more than 35 Russian cities in the history of transactions of our company;

Any official claim concerning violation of delivery time.

How to begin cooperation?

  1. Define the purposes and requirements to delivery
  2. Write or call:
    Skype haker_r005
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Our phone in China +86-18312055552
    in Moscow +7 (495)236-74-54
  3. Specify delivery price
  4. Sign the contract

Our reputation is expensive to us and we like that we do. Therefore we undertake only that well we know.

We wish you favorable purchases and business prosperity.