Office the Warehouse in Guangzhou:

送货地址:zip code 510176广州市荔湾区周门路9号金鼎产业园8号楼102仓R005国际物流:电话: 18988995908,18928815957 ,15556665005 收货人:张强

Our phone in China - +86-18312055552б, +86-18312055552

+ 7 (495) 631-83-64

Our address of office in Moscow

Moscow, Volgogradsky Ave. 47

Phones: +7 (495)236-74-54, +7920-818-88-88

Business center of "The Cube" of the tekstilshchiki subway

Within walking distance from "The Cube" business center (5-7 minutes) there is a Tekstilshchiki metro station. For a motor transport there are convenient departures on Volgogradsky Avenue and TTK.