General loads

If you need to deliver piece integral, or indivisible goods, so it is a question of a general load. This proud term call the material values requiring special careful delivery and occupying more than 2/3 transport capacities. To this group of loads carry machines, special equipment, aggregates and an industrial equipment, steel concrete products and constructions, cars and household appliances.

Non-standard characteristics and overall dimensions of general loads dictate some features in case of their logistics and transportation. To provide accurate delivery use the same vehicle throughout all route. It strongly simplifies document flow, and reduces the list of necessary documents. Most often general loads I deliver to one receiver from one sender. As a result, delivery of general loads takes place quicker, than delivery of the consolidated loads. That superimposes the trebled responsibility on the organization of all stages of delivery:

  1. To pick up a type of the vehicle and a delivery method: railway, by sea, air or car transport;
  2. To make an optimum route;
  3. To check pogruzo-discharging, and as, if necessary, – special package of a load;
  4. To prepare a document package, declarations and licenses;
  5. To lead load insurance;
  6. To provide integrity and safety of a load;
  7. To give opportunity to a consignee to supervise a status and load relocation on a route.

Each general load is a special history. And in our company love special stories because such orders always raise a level and ability "the Cargo 005" flexibly to react to any requests of our clients.