Production in China

The decision on self-produced placement visits sooner or later the businessmen working absolutely in spheres. About advantages of such decision already nobody needs to be convinced. But the thought of various reefs which can arise on a way to the purpose, stops also owners of shops and principals of plants.

Really there is a lot of difficulties: it and a choice of "the" vendor, and a subtlety of compilation of the contract of delivery, and feature of mentality of the Chinese partners which don't hurry to do more, than you managed to check.

Therefore businessmen who are able to count money and to weigh all the advantages, prefer to place the orders on productions through representatives in China.

Except obvious advantage, production of the business in China is a guarantee of uniqueness, competitiveness and stable quality of your production. Production made specially for you in China, you will be able to brand, and to control this brand as an independent non-material asset.

In staff of the Cargo 005 company work as the experts understanding language and customs of Heavenly Empire, and the Chinese citizens who are perfectly knowing infrastructure and economy of this country. We repeatedly placed the most various production on national production sites: from stationery and sportswear - to accessories for the Russian industry. Therefore with pleasure you we will consult, we will present the translator, we will conduct tour before production, we will check and we will deliver to you the report on each stage of execution of your order.