Repayment from auctions

All roads carry to Rome, and all purchases begin …. In TaoBao and Alibaba!

And if about 10 years ago the thing of the Chinese production was considered as bad manners, absence of taste and sensible logic, now clothes, the technique, furniture of the Chinese production captivated the whole world. And, excellent quality.

So – we invite to shopping to the most popular the Internet - resources: Tao Bao and Aliexpress.

Than we can be useful to you?

We will take away the goods selected by you, we will pack and we will save in a warehouse up to sending to you. Also we won't take for it from you kopek! It means that in case of the order of any goods in any volumes on Tao Bao's portals and Aliexpress you pay only the cost of goods specified at these auctions and delivery to your threshold. Also you don't pay to us to any commission for repayment, delivery across China and storage of your goods.

How to order delivery of goods of TaoBao and Alibaba:

  1. You will select goods, issue the order and pay it;
  2. Order to us delivery: send us links and a goods photo;
  3. You wait the invaluable load.

At this time "Cargo 005"

  1. Accepts your order and redeems it;
  2. Checks on spoilage, compliance of the sizes, flowers;
  3. Sends you the photoreport right after delivery of goods to our warehouse;
  4. Consolidates loads in a warehouse;
  5. Packs, and sends you goods on in advance prepared route.

To pay goods, you don't have need to make out transfer to China. You pay the necessary amount in banks of Russia. And our managers being in China, redeem your order. Itveryconvenientlyandwillrelieveyouofoverpayments.

If you decided for the first time to order goods with TaoBao or Alibaba, communicate with us and get detailed advice: "From what to begin" and "How to buy goods at these world famous auctions".