Ivan Georgiyev, Samara

I have a small shop of sportswear and sport goods. Years three I worked and I bought goods from local suppliers, sometimes I drove to Moscow. The friend pushed me that it is time to quit already a sandbox and prompted to address in "the Cargo 005". Frankly speaking, was afraid a little, I expected a dirty trick. Uncertainty always frightens. Children worked "with an anticipation". Chewed to me, to the ignoramus, all pluses and minuses of the order of goods in China, helped to find suppliers. Generally – carried me till the end of my first order at them. Advantage I felt already from the first delivery. Now I think, - would learn earlier that it is so easy to order goods in China, - on how many could earn more. Now I recommend to all acquaintances the Cargo 005 company.


Elena Stepanovna. Eagle

I express gratitude to staff of the Cargo 005 company and its principal. At first helped me to arrange my apartment qualitative and not expensive furniture, and then by means of this company our firm completed with office furniture two floors of our offices.


Timur, Nizhny Novgorod

Thanks for timely delivery. All holders came to integrities and the safeties, any package wasn't broken.


JSC Treydkomservice, Moscow

We thank the Cargo 005 company for delivery of two tractors from China. Difficulties in the organization of a route were timely removed, the route which helped to spare 150 000 rub on a cargo transportation is offered. And it is the essential amount for our company. The manager timely answered our questions, offering different versions of decisions. We are happy with cooperation. Let's address and from now on to company services "the Cargo 005".


JSC Ekos group, Moscow

We express the gratitude of the Cargo 005 company for the presented representative in China. Everything, beginning from a meeting at the airport, excursion on factories and finishing signing of the contract, passed at the highest professional grade. The feeling of profound knowledge of specifics of the Chinese economy was created by the staff of the Cargo 005 company. Thanks to the reached agreements we are quiet for the orders placed on production sites of China.


JSC Himind, Simferopol

Dear Roman ,
We thank you and your employees for multimodal delivery of consumer goods from China for our company. From all companies participating in the tender, your company offered the most optimum terms of delivery and everything observed them to the last point. The polite staff "005" added the Cargo of the positive emotions in our transaction.


Andrey T. Naberezhnye Chelny

Accurately. Quickly. Now I have the biggest range of covers for phones and accessories for gadgets in the city. Thanks – helpedmetofindthesmartsupplier!