Customs broker

Customs design of loads on the one hand – a bureaucratic nightmare, with another – an urgent need, guarantee of safety of commercial transactions.

Specialists of the Cargo 005 Company are authorized to represent your interests in customs authorities; to provide passing of customs monitoring and obtaining allowing certificates on import, and trade in the territory of Russia and the CIS.

The Cargo 005 company task - to save safety of your deliveries; to guard from nightmares of a customs clearance of loads, and, thereby to allow you to spare some more thousand rubles on a cargo transportation. Because saving is reached not only at the expense of optimization of package, a route, a type of delivery, but also at the expense of timely prepared customs declarations and ability of the customs broker to carry on negotiations. The skilled customs broker of our company will relieve you of stimulated idle times, additional viewings and demurrages.

So, addressing to services of the broker "the Cargo 005", you receive:

    Your representative in customs authorities;
    Full packet of transport documents;
    The help in filling of the cargo customs declaration and preparation of foreign trade activities - contracts;
    Optimum diagram of the foreign trade operations;
    Lowering of expenditures and possible risks on customs design;
    Pogruzo-discharging at customs, storage and transmission of your load to the following carrier;
    Help in obtaining hygienic certificates, certificates of conformity, classification decisions and other documents of allowing character;

Thanks to harmonious operation of employees "005" your loads are delayed by the Cargo at customs only 1-2 days – exactly so much, how many it is necessary on the quality standards of customs design.